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Tips and Tricks for Surviving String Teaching

A compilation of expert teaching, useful resources, reproducible materials, advice from native string players, and other burden-easing tidbits for the new-to-strings teacher.

Compiled by Stephanie Sandritter, Florida State University MME

Dr. Kasia Bugaj, Advisor

What Is This?

Where Do I Start?

This site is a resource meant to provide approachable, easy-access, quick-reference materials for the music teacher tasked with taking on their school's burgeoning orchestra program in addition to their regular band, chorus, guitar, keyboard, or other duties.

Many resources included can be saved, printed, and duplicated for use in your classroom. Where copyright law applies, recommended resources are linked for you to purchase usage rights as you would like. All of these resources have been used in real string classrooms, and there are no affiliate links included anywhere.
Step 1:

Step 2:
Peruse the titles in the menu.
Click on what you need help with at this moment or what interests you to learn more about. These materials are not sequential and are meant to be utilized in a "grab-and-go" manner that fits your busy multi-program music director lifestyle.


Hi, my name is Stephanie Sandritter.
I am a native string player--primarily a cellist--and am a graduate of the Florida State University.
I earned my BME in 2013 and my MME in 2017. I currently teach in Orange County (Florida).
I've served as District Chairperson for the Florida Orchestra Association
and coordinate the Central Florida Cellobration. 
I taught my first two years in Title I schools and was itinerant between two middle schools.
I now teach full time at one school in a fortunate community.
I've seen and worked in two different ends of the public school spectrum in Central Florida,
and I'd like to use that experience to help you.


The resources and advice available on this site have been generously contributed by...

  • Lifelong strings players, teachers, and pedagogues

  • Veteran teachers

  • String experts who have started steamroller orchestras from the ground up

  • Cross-pollinators & band-orchestra/chorus-orchestra transfers

  • Music supervisors

  • Luthiers (people who make & repair string instruments)
Enjoy reading papers?
Below are more scholarly presentations of the materials used in the creation of this website,
if you're into that sort of thing.
Teaching Strings for the
New-to-Strings Teacher

Review of literature /
Bibliographic Control Paper
Teaching Strings for the
New-to-Strings Teacher

Outline & Notes

Full Paper
Outline & Notes